If you want to report about the unusual project of the digger-mug, I will support you gladly. Get in contact: me[at]digger-mug.com

Interesting key data:

  • The concept is based on a photo-realistic 3D model, which circulated on the internet and elated me and also many others.
  • The digger-mug has been developed with fans from the beginning. The Facebook page fb.com/baggerschaufeltasse served as a communication channel.
  • The digger-mug was brought to life by professional 'components' only. So it is produced and packaged in Germany, by a special manufacturer of small batches. Amazon takes care of the punctual shipping.

Picture downloads

All pictures and data on the website and the social media sites may be used freely.

Press Review: http://www.digger-mug.com/press-review/


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